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Seek art AI tool for exploring & collecting unique AI-generated artwork in collaboration with human artists. Supports artists & offers a marketplace. Visit Website.


AI Christmas Card: Create custom holiday greeting cards with personalized messages and AI-generated images. Print and mail to recipients with fast delivery. Visit Website.  

Fuups AI tool generates images/art using machine learning. Users prompt details to create artwork variations. GIFs available, credits required. No pricing info. Visit Website. AI-generated psychedelic art tool with customizable options, Instagram compatibility, and rights reserved until 2023. Visit Website.

Adventure AI

Adventur AI: AI tool for kids to learn AI skills in art, programming, and text. Offers real-world value, updated curriculum, and affordable pricing.   Visit… Read More »Adventure AI


Clip Studio Paint: artist’s app for drawing/painting, with 120k+ brushes, 3D models, community, and volume licensing options. Visit Website.


Simulai: AI tool creating art, logos, and stock photos from user input. Offers various styles, trends, and effects. Visit Website.

AI Wall Decor

AI tool “Hang Art Create” generates custom framed art based on user input, offering inspiration and keyword suggestions.   Visit Website.


IRMO: AI tool for mobile entertainment & AI art creation, generates unlimited images, works with images/text, creates NFTs & stock images for online sale.  … Read More »IRMO