Skip to content improves the quality and brightness of an image by finding dark parts of it and fixing them. Visit Website.

Green Screen AI

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Green Screen AI: AI tool for easy, fun background image change. Transform pictures into AI-generated art scenes. Open for feedback, featured on producthunt. Visit Website.

Mokker AI

  • by AI-powered website for photo editing, marketing. Background replacement, photo shoots, and quick product image generation. Visit Website.

Recipes Lionix

The AI Recipe Generator by Lionix is a simple and quick tool for making unique recipes. Visit Website.


TasteGPT: A generative AI chatbot for food & beverage insights. Visit Website.


Overproof is an AI system that links producers, wholesalers, and retailers of alcoholic beverages. Visit Website.

Cook AI Food

Explore the incredible recipes that AI can develop and let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. Visit Website.

Let’s Foodie

Let’s Foodie is an AI-powered recipe generator website. Visit Website.


ChefGPT recommends recipes based on ingredients and creates meal plans based on fitness goals Visit Website.


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MealGenie is an AI-driven recipe discovery platform that helps consumers find tasty and nutritious meals. Visit Website.