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Art Generation

Green Screen AI

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Green Screen AI: AI tool for easy, fun background image change. Transform pictures into AI-generated art scenes. Open for feedback, featured on producthunt. Visit Website.

Mokker AI

  • by AI-powered website for photo editing, marketing. Background replacement, photo shoots, and quick product image generation. Visit Website.

Seek art AI tool for exploring & collecting unique AI-generated artwork in collaboration with human artists. Supports artists & offers a marketplace. Visit Website.


AI Christmas Card: Create custom holiday greeting cards with personalized messages and AI-generated images. Print and mail to recipients with fast delivery. Visit Website.  

Fuups AI tool generates images/art using machine learning. Users prompt details to create artwork variations. GIFs available, credits required. No pricing info. Visit Website. AI-generated psychedelic art tool with customizable options, Instagram compatibility, and rights reserved until 2023. Visit Website.

Adventure AI

Adventur AI: AI tool for kids to learn AI skills in art, programming, and text. Offers real-world value, updated curriculum, and affordable pricing.   Visit… Read More »Adventure AI


Clip Studio Paint: artist’s app for drawing/painting, with 120k+ brushes, 3D models, community, and volume licensing options. Visit Website.


Simulai: AI tool creating art, logos, and stock photos from user input. Offers various styles, trends, and effects. Visit Website.